Scientists explore the possibility of creating batteries from minuscule black holes

Tiny Black Hole Batteries

The article discusses a plan to use black holes as rechargeable batteries and nuclear reactors, recently published in the journal Physical Review D. The authors are Zhan-Feng Mai and Run-Qiu Yang at Tianjin University in China. They assert that energy can be extracted from a black hole through quantum or classical processes. They propose using a “tiny black hole” to overcome the potential hazards of traditional black holes. This concept has inspired venture capitalists who are seeking new investment opportunities following the success of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.

Two-Story Superpower

The article features a woman sharing her “trivial superpower” of being able to read a bedtime story out loud to her children while silently reading a novel to herself. This uncommon ability helped alleviate the tedium of reading the same bedtime story repeatedly.

Coffee with Confusion

The article highlights a letter to the editor from researchers at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy, exploring the ambiguous health effects of drinking coffee. The ambiguities arise from differences in the type of coffee consumed, individual characteristics, and the timing of consumption in relation to meals. The researchers suggest further studies to clarify the effects of coffee consumption.

Edge on Edge

A reader expresses concern over a paper on the genetics of hair whorls, particularly the suggestion that the Coriolis force could influence hair whorling. The reader finds this notion to be implausible. Feedback discusses a new version of the paper, which focuses on the influence of genetic and environmental factors on hair whorl formation.

Sheffield Names Harvest

The article shares the names of two trustees associated with the Sheffield Botanical Gardens Trust, Barbara Plant and Christine Rose, offering a whimsical connection to their roles. Feedback further notes trustee Miles Stevenson’s unique position as the chair of the trust. The lighthearted nature of this story adds a touch of humor to the article.


The article presents a collection of distinct and unusual stories, ranging from potential breakthroughs in energy technology to lighthearted anecdotes and observations from readers. While some stories explore complex scientific concepts, others offer a humorous perspective on aspects of everyday life. This blend of serious research and amusing insight reflects the diverse interests and experiences of the scientific community and the general public.

Scientists are exploring the possibility of creating batteries from tiny black holes. The idea revolves around the potential to harness the energy emitted by these mysterious objects to power future devices. While the concept is still in the early stages of research, the notion of utilizing black holes as a power source opens up an entirely new realm of energy possibilities. Although it remains mostly speculative at this point, the prospect of constructing batteries from black holes is an intriguing and thought-provoking concept.

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