Sony’s Full Frame Camera is Portable and Ready for Any Adventure


Sony’s Impressive Small Cameras

The article discusses Sony’s history of producing impressively small full-frame cameras, such as the A7C and ZV-E1. These smaller bodies often involve feature compromises, such as smaller viewfinders and missing features.

The New Sony A7C R

The new Sony A7C R is designed to address these compromises. It is impressively small, comfortable to hold, and has most of the features even a professional photographer would want. With its 61-MP CMOS sensor, it comes closest to providing everything you need in a camera and nothing you don’t.

All Things Great and Small

The A7C R’s 4.9-inch wide, 2.8-inch tall, and 2.5-inch deep body weighs just under a pound. With the FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens, the total weight comes to 21.1 ounces. The camera’s sensor, the same as in Sony’s A7R V, is capable of excellent detail, great dynamic range, and impressive low-light performance. However, the resulting RAW files are large, with low light images being the largest.

Sensor Performance and File Size

The 61-MP CMOS sensor in the Sony A7C R offers excellent performance, with great detail and low noise even at higher ISO options. However, the resulting RAW files are large, around 65 MB per image in testing. Compressed RAW files can reduce this to around 45 MB per image, but at the time of testing, software support was limited.


The Sony A7C R is a compact, feature-rich full-frame camera that offers impressive sensor performance. Its small size and weight make it ideal for travel and everyday photography, while its 61-MP sensor provides excellent detail and low-light performance. However, its large RAW files may require additional storage and processing resources. Overall, the A7C R represents a significant step forward in providing a small, feature-rich full-frame camera without compromising on sensor performance.

In conclusion, Sony’s full frame camera offers stunning image quality, remarkable low-light performance, and impressive portability, making it an ideal choice for photographers on the go. With its compact size and durable construction, this camera is designed to withstand the rigors of travel and outdoor shooting. Whether you’re exploring new landscapes, capturing spontaneous moments, or embarking on an adventure, the Sony full frame camera empowers you to take high-quality images wherever your journey takes you. Its advanced features and versatile capabilities make it a valuable tool for any photographer looking to push the boundaries of their creativity while on the move.

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