The Final Attempt to Halt the Mountain Valley Pipeline

Supreme Court approval of the MVP

The Supreme Court has given the green light to the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). This has prompted Larkin and others to feel that their only option is to protest and resist the pipeline’s construction in any way possible in hopes of at least slowing things down for as long as possible. They have known from the beginning that they will need to escalate their resistance to have any chance of pushing back.

Taking Ownership of Their Future

Despite the risks, Larkin and many others feel that they are taking ownership of their future and their dignity by fighting against the MVP. They believe that their efforts will deter future projects like the MVP and prevent fossil fuel companies from encroaching unchecked and unchallenged.

Facing the Risks

Larkin knows that she is never far from becoming a target of the MVP company’s ire. She has seen friends locked up and beaten down at protests, and feels the toll of the fight in her own body. However, she remains committed to the cause and speaks passionately about the joy of taking a stand and building relationships of trust and solidarity with her community.

The Fight’s Lasting Impact

The fight against the MVP has had a lasting impact on Larkin and her community. She has witnessed friends and neighbors suffer from burnout and environmental risks, but she also finds hope in the constant influx of new activists, particularly energized young people who have joined the fight.


The Supreme Court’s approval of the MVP has prompted Larkin and others to escalate their resistance to the pipeline’s construction. Despite the risks and the toll it has taken on their bodies and minds, they remain committed to the fight, believing that their efforts will deter future projects and make a lasting impact in their community.

In conclusion, the last-ditch effort to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline has been a testament to the dedication and determination of individuals and communities to protect their environment and way of life. Despite facing numerous obstacles and setbacks, the opposition has continued to fight for the preservation of natural resources, the prevention of environmental degradation, and the protection of communities and ecosystems. While the outcome of this effort remains uncertain, the resilience and commitment of those involved serve as a reminder of the importance of standing up for what we believe in and striving for a better, more sustainable future. The struggle to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline is representative of a larger movement to advocate for environmental justice and hold corporations and governments accountable for their impact on the planet.

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