The Hidden Aspect of the Vision Pro That Apple Doesn’t Want You to Discover

**Mixed Reactions to the External Battery Design**
There are mixed opinions among industry experts on the external battery design of the apple‘s upcoming mixed reality headset, Vision Pro. Some believe that the headset computing should be optimized for shorter durations and that there shouldn’t be a need for an external battery pack for most experiences. Others, however, think that the battery pack will be more of a factor for sitting and working for long hours rather than for fitness apps.

**Weight Distribution and Accessories**
Sam Cole, the co-founder and chief executive of FitXR, a fitness app popular on the Meta Quest, thinks that even when headsets are bulkier, users tend to forget about the cable and battery pack because they are focused on the virtual experience. However, he also acknowledges that the weight distribution and accessories become more important when using the headset for working or sitting on calls for long periods of time.

**Comparison with Previous Products**
Early versions of AR goggles had an external “compute pack” designed for the wearer’s waistband, while microsoft‘s HoloLens packed what felt like an entire PC on the wearer’s head. Neither of these products were successful, and the placement of the battery pack was moot. This history suggests that the success of the Vision Pro may not necessarily be impacted by the placement of the battery pack.

**General Approval of the Vision Pro**
Despite the mixed opinions on the external battery pack, Sam Cole believes that all factors combined make the Vision Pro a high-quality experience. He even goes on to say that it may be as good as or better than the Meta Quest 3.

**Apple’s Silence**
Apple has not responded to inquiries about the external battery pack and why journalists and influencers were not able to take their own photos of Vision Pro. This lack of information from Apple leaves room for speculation about the design and features of the battery pack.

**In Conclusion**
In conclusion, the external battery design of the Vision Pro has sparked mixed reactions among industry experts, with some expressing concerns about its practicality for use in longer durations. Despite this, there is overall approval of the high-quality experience that the Vision Pro is expected to provide. The comparison with previous products and Apple’s silence on the matter add to the mystery and intrigue surrounding the upcoming mixed reality headset.

In conclusion, it is evident that the Apple Vision Pro has many impressive features and capabilities, however, the one aspect that Apple may not want consumers to see is the potentially limited compatibility with third-party accessories. While the device may excel in terms of performance and design, the restricted compatibility with non-Apple accessories could be a drawback for some users. It is important for consumers to carefully consider their individual needs and preferences before making a purchasing decision. Ultimately, the decision to invest in the Apple Vision Pro should be based on a thorough understanding of its capabilities and limitations.

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