Samsung Galaxy S24 Phones Collaborate with Google’s AI to Enhance Their Intelligence

Samsung’s Move to Titanium

Samsung is following in apple‘s footsteps by adding titanium to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, making it more durable and lighter. However, the weight savings is only about 1 gram, which may not make a noticeable difference to users.

Improved Display

The S24 Ultra features a 6.8-inch flat display, eliminating the curved edges that often interfere with user interactions on the screen. The S24 and S24+ have larger screens and slimmer bezels, allowing for a 1 Hz to 120 Hz refresh rate and modest improvements in battery capacity.

Enhanced Camera Capabilities

The S24 and S24+ have a 50-megapixel primary sensor, while the S24 Ultra boasts a 200-megapixel primary sensor and a 50-megapixel telephoto with 5X optical zoom. However, the loss of the 10X optical zoom may disappoint some users, despite the 5X zoom being more practical for everyday use.

Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard

Samsung has not adopted the Qi2 wireless charging standard in the S24 range, citing it as too new. This standard would enable more efficient and faster wireless charging, as well as cross-compatibility between iPhone and Android accessories. However, it may be added in 2025 or later this year.

Pricing and Promotions

The Galaxy S24 costs $800 and the S24+ is $1,000, while the S24 Ultra is priced at $1,300. Samsung is promising seven years of software updates and offering a promotion that allows for a free storage upgrade during the preorder period. The phones will officially hit stores on January 31.


Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 range offers various improvements, such as the use of titanium, enhanced display features, and upgraded camera capabilities. Despite the absence of the Qi2 wireless charging standard in the current models, the promise of long-term software updates and promotional offers make these smartphones appealing options for consumers.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 phones are expected to utilize google’s advanced artificial intelligence technology to enhance their smart capabilities. The integration of Google’s AI is set to optimize various functions such as voice recognition and language processing, ultimately making the user experience more seamless and intuitive. Additionally, this partnership is poised to further solidify Samsung’s position in the competitive tech market by offering cutting-edge features and enhancing the overall performance of its flagship smartphones.

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